At Brinx, we believe in bringing out the best in our employees. We work with designers, developers, and mathematicians to create software based on modern software design principles.

Game Developer (Unity/Blender)

We’re seeking a developer with experience with the Unreal and Unity frameworks, and with modelling in Blender. The ideal candidate would have a Masters in computer science with experience in 3D game development, or a B.S Degree with 2 years of relevant experience. The following skills are required:

  • Excellent skills in c++/c# with a knowledge of modern object oriented programming techniques and of relevant design patterns.
  • Comfortable working in a unix-type command line, be it on a Mac, PC, or Linux box.
  • Experience with git, and with maintaining a disciplined git workflow in a dynamic team.
  • A highly motivated candidate who can work in a team or individually.

The following skills and qualifications aren't required but would be considered an asset:

  • Full stack web developement
  • Experienced with agile devlopement and core SCRUM techniques
  • Technical writing ability aimed at both experts and non-experts
  • Relevent business and entrepreneurial skills

This is a full time position. Candidates must be able to work in Ottawa, and hold full Canadian citizenship.