Brinx Software Launches MasterpieceVR, the First Collaborative VR 3D Sculpting Application in the World

Ottawa, Ontario; January 20, 2017:

Brinx Software, a leading virtual reality (VR) developer of consumer-based technology and enterprise solutions, today announced the release of MasterpieceVR, the first collaborative virtual reality application for 3D sculpting and painting in the world. MasterpieceVR enables aspiring and professional artists to create sophisticated 3D artworks and models in immersive virtual reality environments. This novel technology makes it possible for multiple users to collaborate seamlessly in real time across globe – for the first time ever. Now available on Steam (free for a limited time only), MasterpieceVR unleashes imagination and transforms visionary concepts into virtual works of art – with simple strokes of an animated brush.

According to Tratica, a leading market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology, 200 million virtual reality (VR) headsets are expected to be sold by the year 2020. As VR moves steadily towards mainstream markets and into the hands of people everywhere, the added-value applications and creative possibilities offered by this technology are expanding rapidly. Recognizing a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize 3D content and art creation, Jonathan Gagne, Founder and CEO of Brinx, and his team set out to develop a sculpting and painting application that could be used by anyone – including users with minimal technical skill and experience.

“It can take hundreds of hours to learn to build quality 3D content using traditional software,” said Jonathan Gagne, CEO of Brinx. “By contrast, virtual reality is a very intuitive medium, and we have created a highly intuitive VR product with application in many, consumer, commercial, and mainstream markets. Ease of use is a key differentiator and strength of MasterpieceVR. In fact, this technology allowed us to teach an eight-year old child how to model in less than 60 seconds. With a vision to build the future of VR, we are enabling people around the world to translate creative ideas into 3D works of virtual art. There is nothing that lets you collaborate like it on the market today.”

It’s this intuitiveness that allows first-time MasterpieceVR users to put on an HTC Vive headset or Oculus Touch, and begin creating 3D content – together. “We aimed to capture the true spirit of collaboration and create a unique multiuser experience,” said Jonathan Gagne. “We wanted users in different locations to be able to walk into the same virtual room and begin cooperating on a project immediately in a highly productive and effective way. MasterpieceVR makes this possible.”

With its global networking and multiplayer capabilities, MasterpieceVR is a step ahead of other VR sculpting and painting solutions. In addition to these collaborative elements, the Brinx team wanted to provide users with as much control as possible over their individual creative experiences. This is a key attribute of the product.

For example, using MasterpieceVR, users can talk to one another as they create 3D artwork, making real-time changes to their virtual designs by drawing on an integrated suite of sculpting and painting tools. They can also use features such as zoom and rotate to control how they individually view the projects they’re working on – and all without disrupting one another. The result is a seamless multiplayer experience that’s intuitive and enjoyable for each collaborator.

MasterpieceVR is available on Steam today.


Founded in 2015, Brinx Software is a virtual reality (VR) developer of consumer-based technology and enterprise solutions. Through its landmark VR sculpting and painting application MasterpieceVR, the company aims to transform the way people create 3D content. Brinx also builds virtual reality camera systems and training simulators for clients in the enterprise sector.


Jonathan Gagne Founder and CEO Brinx Software (613) 799-0344 jon.gagne [at]